Massage After-Care Advice


After your massage session, please follow the advice below in order to gain the most benefit from your massage.

  • Increase your water intake to assist the body’s detoxification process and re-hydration
  • Have a suitable rest period after the massage
  • Reduce consumption of stimulants (e.g. alcohol/coffee/tea)

After a massage you may experience the following reactions, which are beneficial to your body:

  • You may feel generally sleepy or tired
  • warmth due to increased circulation
  • mixed emotions due to release of tensions. It’s quite natural to feel tearful
  • Increase in urination or flu-like symptoms (runny nose, coughing) due to the body releasing toxins
  • Aching and soreness in the muscles which is short short-lived and followed by a relief from muscular tension
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Feeling more relaxed and less stressed

Any unpleasant feeling should diminish after a few days as toxins are released from your body and the body re-balances itself. You may improve your wellbeing by:

  • Maintaining healthier eating habits, regular exercise, good sleeping habits and maintaining good posture. See stress relief tips.
  • If working at computers or doing work involving extended periods of sitting, regular breaks to stand up and stretch.

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