Here are a selection of wellbeing articles, research papers and resources that our customers have expressed an interest:

The Re-Discovery of Ancient Egyptian Yoga – Michelle Holmes (writer, Mentor Educator, Yogi and Herbal Medicine Enthusiast) interviews Yirser Ra Hotep (Egyptian/Kemetic Yoga Master) about the philosophy and practices of yoga. (read more)

The Many Benefits of Exercise for Women by Jennifer Normoyle, M.D. – Exercise is the closest thing we have to a magic pill to keep us young. Research shows that exercise: helps to manage stress, enhances mood, helps to manage weight, strengthens bone and muscle, strengthens the heart, aids digestion, improves balance, helps to control diseases like diabetes and osteoporosis reduces the risk of heart disease. (read more)

Mental Wellness Tips to maintain a healthy mind and body – Staying mentally and physically fit, takes work and requires an investment of time. One way to ensure that you maintain a balance between your emotional and physical wellness is to set goals for yourself.  The Mental Health Centre of Greater Manchester shares ten tips to manage and reduce stress. (read more)

The Puzzle of Hypertension in African-Americans – Research paper examines genetic and environmental factors in the development of hypertension in African Americans. The researchers Richard S. Cooper, Charles N. Rotimi and Ryk Ward state “Genes are often invoked to account for why high blood pressure is so common among African-Americans. Yet the rates are low in Africans. This discrepancy demonstrates how genes and the environment interact”. (read more) 

Drug Muggers® – Author and  pharmacist Suzy Cohen explains which medications interfere with which nutrients and how to reverse the problems with smarter nutrition. (Buy on amazon)